Who we are?

DevMind360 is a site designed for developers who want to improve their skills on various fronts or for people who are entering the world of programming for the first time and want to become true professionals.

In fact, our effort is to offer free courses and projects thanks to which users can learn and refine the most suitable programming techniques according to the language and framework used.

Our strength is the simplicity with which we deal with each topic and project, for this reason we share the source code and we support the user with step-by-step video tutorials , so as to simplify learning.

We also provide users with constantly growing web services that can be configured as useful tools to do their job. Our goal is to disseminate our skills to support professionals and non-professionals to achieve their goals and pursue their passions.

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DevMind360 is the organization responsible for the site and owns the rights to it. Any copyright infringement can be prosecuted.

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